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Plumbing complications, if not handled correctly may be the cause of increased future problems and monetary loss. To ensure that this is avoided, one needs to acquaint themselves with suppliers of the very best plumbing materials that satisfy all your plumbing needs as well as your budget.

These days, almost every corner is acquainted by a hardware store. We cannot speak for every other hardware supplier when we emphasize that we house products of the highest quality to allow a quick and efficient end to all plumbing dilemmas.

Our store hosts a trusted range of plumbing products. The Exclusive Paint and Hardware store offers unbeatable deals on all plumbing, fittings, pipes and accessories to meet all personal requests.


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DIY Materials

Equipping oneself with the correct hardware is the starting point of any successful DIY endeavour. Our vast sphere of hardware supplies ranges from fasteners, fixings, adhesives, safety clothing, containers, ladders, locks, brackets, hinges and the list goes on.  Our store carrys an extensive range of general hardware to assist the largest and tiniest DIY process.

Our dedicated team strives towards providing consumers with the highest quality products that sets an elite standard and promotes home and office improvement. We supply all requested hardware products directly to the public for home, office and industrial use.

Allow our Exclusive Paint and Hardware experts to provide you with hardware products that perfectly suit and compliment your DIY experience, our in-store assistants are keen and willing to provide the needed guidance to ensure that clients are provided with the best possible agents to enhance the smooth sailing of all DIY engagements. 

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