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Exclusive Paint and Hardware are proud stockists of the full Dulux products range for all your household needs Professional Range of paints. We provide the consumer with the choice of a top quality range of paints at the most affordable prices. Dulux has been Exclusive's homebrand for years. We have stipulated that the products we stock must contain the following characteristics:

  • Durability
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Lead free
  • Continuously enhancing the product
  • Containing the best mix of paint binders, colourants, and fillers

Choose from hundreds of colours and have your paint specially mixed for you in-store, in any finish you want. We also Proudly stock:

  • Randcon paints
  • Ilex paints
  • Infinity paints



About Paint

Paint not only provides an extra protection layer for walls but it also has the potential to enhance the characteristics of specific room. Paint colour is an important aspect to consider with any painting endeavour, as it can assist in making a room appear either larger or smaller.

Changing the colour of a room, wall or building is a superb, cost effective method of giving the designated area a new, fresh look. We are adamant in providing clients with a one-stop experience that houses the highest quality paint products to promote time and financial efficiency thus contributing to consumer satisfaction.

 There is no paint job too big or small – you will find all the paint and accessories you need to complete your project. Contact Us





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